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Hirsch Legal is a boutique commercial law firm founded to support innovative businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs. 

We take care of the legal leg-work, so you can focus on innovation.


About Us

About Hirsch Legal

Hirsch Legal is a boutique law firm established by Gabrielle Hirsch to support innovative clients – researchers, founders, entrepreneurs, creatives, research institutes, universities, spin outs/start ups, R&D and technology focused SME. 

With 15+ years’ experience in the life sciences and higher education sectors, we specialise in delivering industry-focused commercial, intellectual property and commercialisation advice at all levels and stages of the business journey. 

Drawing on our deep understanding of the key commercial and academic drivers, we are focused on delivering win-win partnerships between academia and industry, prioritising fair and reasonable risk and benefit allocation to enable the parties to ‘get on with business’. 

We also work with research organisations to provide strategic advisory and ‘whole of organisation’ governance and helping to resolve barriers to effective internal collaboration.  



Why Work With Us?

We understand there are a lot of law firms – and lawyers – out there, and finding an expert firm that fits your needs and your budget can be a challenge. 

To help you find the right fit, we’ve shortlisted a few aspects that set us apart from other firms and demonstrate why our clients choose to work with Hirsch Legal.

Value for Money

We provide high quality, on-demand, legal services directly through our Principal Lawyer without the high costs associated with traditional law firms' hourly rates. We can also offer a range of flexible arrangements to help fit your business needs.

Expert Lawyers

We have scientific, governance and legal qualifications and extensive in-house experience. We understand the sector and specialise in delivering legal solutions and pragmatic governance and commercial, IP & commercialisation advice.

We Care about Your Matter

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. We are down-to-earth, approachable and care about your success. We know timing and relationships are critical & are focused on win-win solutions.

Tailored Solutions

As former in-house lawyers, we understand your needs and provide tailored, timely and cost-effective services to help you make informed decisions. We understand that success is about more than just 'the legals' and are experts at thinking outside the box!


Our Services

We offer a range of services to help innovative clients grow their businesses, manage R&D contracting, negotiate complex commercial transactions and protect and commercialise their intellectual property. 

R&D Agreements

We draft, review and negotiate agreements and provide in-house training across the full spectrum of R&D activities, from funding and collaboration to clinical trial. 

Commercial Law

We support the day-to-day legal needs of innovative businesses, from employing staff or engaging consultants to procurement, privacy & corporate governance. 

Trade marks

Protect and secure your brand by trade mark searches, IP audits and filing for Australian trade mark registration.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is a key asset of an innovation business and protection of IP an important component to any effective commercialisation strategy.


We help you protect and monetise your IP assets by providing commercialisation advice, negotiation, drafting & review of commercialisation documents.

Consumer Law

We provide advice on consumer, marketing and privacy laws, misleading and deceptive conduct, trade promotion terms and direct marketing.


Meet Gabrielle

Hi there! 

I’m Gabrielle, founder and principal lawyer of Hirsch Legal

After 15+ years’ working as a researcher, IP commercialisation lawyer and General Counsel in the life sciences, medical research and higher education sector, I launched Hirsch Legal to help clients navigate the organisational, legal and contracting complexities of R&D contracts and commercial transactions and support them to successfully commercialise their intellectual property. 

I’m passionate about the life sciences sector and have dedicated my career to supporting research organisations and innovators to achieve their strategic goals by providing timely, pragmatic, industry-focused advice. 

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my passion for innovation, technology and life science, and to connect with like-minded innovators through my firm, Hirsch Legal.

Awards & Recognition

Finalist - Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Lawyer of the Year 2021
Lawyers Weekly Corporate Counsel Awards

Finalist - Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Lawyer of the Year 2021
Lawyers Weekly Corporate Counsel Awards

Finalist - Not-For-Profit Lawyer of the Year 2021 
Lawyers Weekly Corporate Counsel Awards

In-House Leader 2020
Australasian Lawyer 

Finalist - Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Lawyer of the Year 2019
Lawyers Weekly Corporate Counsel Awards

Finalist - Not-For-Profit Lawyer of the Year 2019
Lawyers Weekly Corporate Counsel Awards

In-House Leader 2019
Australasian Lawyer 

Top Student - Patent Law 2011 Griffith Hack + University of Melbourne


Articles & Resources Hub

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